Day in the life

Sticky Notepaper

Day in the life of a concierge/errand service…….


Ever wonder what a concierge does when they are not planning those huge glamorous parties or booking vacations to exotic locations.   Well I have an errand service and will let you in on my typical day if you promise not to keep it a secret.  Every day is different, but also challenging and fulfilling.


5:00 am  Check and respond to emails from the night before.

6:30 am  Good start – no fires to put out, get dress, grab coffee, keys, and coat to head to clients home six-mile north to walk waiting dog because client is on vacation and didn’t want to board.

7:00 am   Run, walk dog 2 miles, feed the dog, play with the dog, out the door to next appointment

8:30 am   Take a call  from the car inquiring new business startup in New York…want to start a service in the Hampton’s.  Hmmm….sounds promising.

9:45 am   Phew, made it to the next client downtown…

9:50 am   On the list for to today –  list on kitchen table

10:00 am  Drop off and pick up dry cleaning

10:20 am  Specialty coffee pick up at store down at Little Five points

10:45 am  Pick up repaired laptop bag at the shoe repair

11:00 am  oops  –  stop at pharmacy on the list.  (Everyone is in such a good mood today)

11:15 am  To the supermarket  – short list today

11:45 am  Back at the house, the dry cleaning is the closet, all refrigerated items put away, copy of receipts made and a message sent to owner that all task are complete.


12:10 pm  Grab a smoothie for lunch and onward to next client

12:45 pm  Meet the cleaning service in for home in Buckhead

1:10 pm    Take care for emission test client’s car – go to motor vehicles for update tag.  Tag will be mailed to owner so that everything is current when they return.

2:30 pm    Cleaning service half way done

3:00 pm    Call in the car with web service – they want to feature us on their site for the month.   Hmmmmm…need to know a little more about them…..will check them out when I get back to the office.

3:30 pm    Check emails and phone messages

4:30 pm    Cleaning crew is finally done.  Race back over to the north side of town to let the dog out



5:21 pm –  All day alone…”Help me Gwen….I have to go to the bathroom.”  Run, walk dog for 2 miles.  Play tug of war with bathrobe sash; feed the dog, last walk of the night 7:45 pm.

7:50 pm    Head home, dinner and invoicing left to do…

8:30 pm    Review set up schedule for next day.  Fill in any holes.


Yes, all of this is accomplished in one day with careful planning and a daily exercise in time management.


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